This is what I want to achieve~

I am the last on the ballot but committed to serving the community first. Just say NO to the status quo.

Here is what I would like to address at Moulton Niguel Water District:

Make the rate structure more fair, and eliminate the crazy ‘daily evapotranspiration’ nonsense. 

Stop penalizing the ratepayers for their conservation efforts. 

Initiate Term-Limits to stop the lifetime placement of directors on this board

Reestablish ‘district representation’ to increase local participation and reduce the power of big money special interest. Dana Point and San Juan Capistrano both initiated district elected councils this year and MNWD is wrong to go the other way.

Eliminate the district paid insurance to directors as this is excessive and not a common benefit for board members. 

Eliminate any trips outside of California and reduce the frequency of conferences and junkets to luxury resorts.

MNWD needs to pay its bills and keep its contractual promises.  We can save big money by getting rid of all of the lawyers and lobbyists who are fighting and suing other water districts.

The district raises rates because they have insufficient funds, but they feel a need to build a new $32 million edifice in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

Invest in additional sources of water to prepare for our future. The Doheny desalination plant is rated the highest in the County, yet to date MNWD directors want nothing to do with it. 

Focus on the core responsibilities of the district and don’t be tempted by all of the shiny distractions and empire building. 

Advertisements vs. Education?

By now you’re being inundated with ads in your mail and social feeds. The ads you get are generally paid for by the candidates, or some special interests, to support or oppose candidates or positions. The most common ads are called slate mailers which offer candidates a low cost option to get their name out (for this water race it’s around $1,000 to $2,000 per mailer). These mailers are not endorsements, and most do not require the candidate to share the party affiliation of the mailer’s name. They are simply paid political advertisements. 

IMG_3250 2.jpeg

In the Moulton Niguel Water District race, the establishment candidates, who claim to be conservatives, are linked on some slate mailers, with liberals that they would not talk to in real life. But by buying into these mailers they are in fact subsidizing the campaigns of the opposition party. For example, check out the Water Board candidates on the ‘Budget Watchdog’ slate who are linked to Eleni Kounalakis on the same ad. Toss these ads and save your sanity! 

The best way to determine what a candidate stands for is to review his official ‘Candidate Statement’. I submitted my official Candidate Statement in August.  In September, I received a call from the Registrar of Voters ‘verifying that I wanted to WITHDRAW my Candidate Statement from the voter guide that is sent out to all voters. This is the most essential opportunity available to share my message with the voters (and cost $1,395!). It seems that someone had impersonated me and requested the withdrawal of my statement from the election pamphlet to eliminate my ability to speak to the voters. I replied to the caller that I DID NOT WISH TO WITHDRAW MY STATEMENT!

Other valuable ways to evaluate candidates are to visit the candidate’s website and FaceBook or to visit the League of Woman Voters non-partisan site called Additionally it is good to see candidates in action at forums like at the American Legion Candidates Forum. Paid advertisements can be misleading and real research is good.

Political endorsements are sometimes meaningful, but they usually represent the biases of the endorser. My campaign has made some significant progress in sharing my message of change and responsibility, threatening the establishment politicos. One voter guide, worried about my platform of change, posted the following recommendations and admonition!  

IMG_0052 2.jpg

Don’t listen to the establishment claims, and don’t vote for the establishment candidates. VOTE FOR CHANGE! Vote JOEL BISHOP!

I am the last on the ballot but committed to serving the community first. For all of my posts please visit:

Not a bad gig for a few hours of work a month. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 8.45.44 AM.png

October 10, 2018

The ratepayers of Moulton Niguel Water District paid $134,062 in regular pay to its Board in 2017 plus an additional $95,496 in District paid insurance for a total of $229,558. Do you support taxpayer paid insurance to people who double dip on their benefits: 1) work for the County (where we already pay their insurance), or 2) for a utility company executive where we pay so much already, or 3) for someone who already receives taxpayer paid insurance from other water districts? I don’t. This needs to be FIXED!

In all my years on boards and councils, I have never received district paid insurance. Additionally when I was on a city council,  I donated 100% of my city pay to charity. This is not intended to be a career but a service to our community!

Even more disconcerting is the fact that the General Manager of this small water district should earn $282,322 a year PLUS a $16,500 bonus for almost $300,000 in compensation a year from our ratepayers! Holy Smoke!

You can support the status quo and get more of this, or VOTE FOR CHANGE and elect Joel Bishop to the Board of Moulton Niguel Water District. It’s your choice. I am the last on the ballot but committed to serving the community first.

The Cost of Water~

September 24, 2018


A friend of mine commented that water in Laguna Niguel seems much more expensive than where he had previously lived. The Directors of the Moulton Niguel Water District frequently state that the District’s rates are the ‘lowest in South County.’ The veracity of this claim depends on how one defines the cost of water.

To see what you really pay for water and sewage removal you must add the costs that you see on your water bill to all of the fees and taxes hidden on your property tax bill. MNWD’s monthly bill appears low, but it is supplemented by this huge hit on your property tax bill. This annual property tax charge is over $510 per user connection. By comparison MNWD taxes its customers 5 times more than San Juan Capistrano, and 3.5 times more than Santa Margarita Water District does. When added together we see a very high cost for our water and sewage services. 

Vote for true transparency. Vote for Joel Bishop.

Focus on the Core Duties!

September 12, 2018


It’s been a week since the water started leaking under the street in Marina Hills. It was reported to the Moulton Niguel Water District, and a sign was posted and the construction markings were sprayed on the ground. But now, after a week, the only word that we receive from our management company is: ‘I just spoke to the water district and they don't have a tentative start date yet. However, they took down my name and number and will let me know when they have a date!’.

Subterranean water leaking is dangerous and can undermine the integrity of a slope. This could lead to catastrophic geologic failures which may cause houses to lose their foundation and slide down the hillside. We’ve seen this before in Laguna Niguel. Where is MNWD? Why the delay?

Perhaps the good staff is being misdirected by the Board. The Board has had the staff traveling to Washington DC and other parts unknown giving speeches about the outstanding nature of the district, and still trying to build an industrial building in the middle of a residential neighborhood. 

Perhaps the Directors should provide strategic direction and work on the core responsibilities of the district including delivery of water in pipes, not puddles. 

The Board is out of touch and needs to be replaced by a more focused Board who should direct the staff towards core competencies, as opposed to seeking accolades and attending conferences.

Acquire More Sources of Water

August 29, 2018


I hiked to the summit of Mt. San Jacinto today at 10,833’. It was a 13 mile walk through pristine forests and streams. As I watched the water flow in the streams, I was reminded that most of the water available to the customers of MNWD comes from the Colorado River, courtesy of the Colorado River Aqueduct. This water flows though the desert to the base of this same Mt. San Jacinto that I was standing upon. The visionaries who built the aqueduct drilled a tunnel through the mountain to deliver the water to Orange County. The water is then distributed to our residents after treatment at the Robert B. Diemer Treatment Plant, which is located in Yorba Linda.

Our challenge is that this is our primary source of water supply. Should an earthquake break the aqueduct, we would be restricted to the water that is in the local reservoirs. This is not insubstantial, but it is limited. We need more water to augment limited supplies from the Colorado River. This is why MNWD needs to join the partnerships seeking out additional sources of supply including desalination and other options. This type of planning is not always easy, nor cheap, but as the builders of the Colorado River Aqueduct envisioned, it was, and is essential to the future of life in Orange County.

Be Responsible!


August 23, 2018

My son and I hiked to Lone Pine lake and were inspired by the beauty and cleanliness of the water. Nature and water are things to be cherished and protected. 

MNWD is in a dispute with three other districts including: the City of Laguna Beach, Emerald Bay Service District and South Coast Water District. These four agencies banded together long ago to work together to protect regional taxpayers and the environment.

Today the MNWD has refused to pay over $1.25 million in fees that they contractually owe, which support projects to protect our community and environment from raw sewage spills. For more information on this please visit: