Advertisements vs. Education?

By now you’re being inundated with ads in your mail and social feeds. The ads you get are generally paid for by the candidates, or some special interests, to support or oppose candidates or positions. The most common ads are called slate mailers which offer candidates a low cost option to get their name out (for this water race it’s around $1,000 to $2,000 per mailer). These mailers are not endorsements, and most do not require the candidate to share the party affiliation of the mailer’s name. They are simply paid political advertisements. 

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In the Moulton Niguel Water District race, the establishment candidates, who claim to be conservatives, are linked on some slate mailers, with liberals that they would not talk to in real life. But by buying into these mailers they are in fact subsidizing the campaigns of the opposition party. For example, check out the Water Board candidates on the ‘Budget Watchdog’ slate who are linked to Eleni Kounalakis on the same ad. Toss these ads and save your sanity! 

The best way to determine what a candidate stands for is to review his official ‘Candidate Statement’. I submitted my official Candidate Statement in August.  In September, I received a call from the Registrar of Voters ‘verifying that I wanted to WITHDRAW my Candidate Statement from the voter guide that is sent out to all voters. This is the most essential opportunity available to share my message with the voters (and cost $1,395!). It seems that someone had impersonated me and requested the withdrawal of my statement from the election pamphlet to eliminate my ability to speak to the voters. I replied to the caller that I DID NOT WISH TO WITHDRAW MY STATEMENT!

Other valuable ways to evaluate candidates are to visit the candidate’s website and FaceBook or to visit the League of Woman Voters non-partisan site called Additionally it is good to see candidates in action at forums like at the American Legion Candidates Forum. Paid advertisements can be misleading and real research is good.

Political endorsements are sometimes meaningful, but they usually represent the biases of the endorser. My campaign has made some significant progress in sharing my message of change and responsibility, threatening the establishment politicos. One voter guide, worried about my platform of change, posted the following recommendations and admonition!  

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Don’t listen to the establishment claims, and don’t vote for the establishment candidates. VOTE FOR CHANGE! Vote JOEL BISHOP!

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