This is what I want to achieve~

I am the last on the ballot but committed to serving the community first. Just say NO to the status quo.

Here is what I would like to address at Moulton Niguel Water District:

Make the rate structure more fair, and eliminate the crazy ‘daily evapotranspiration’ nonsense. 

Stop penalizing the ratepayers for their conservation efforts. 

Initiate Term-Limits to stop the lifetime placement of directors on this board

Reestablish ‘district representation’ to increase local participation and reduce the power of big money special interest. Dana Point and San Juan Capistrano both initiated district elected councils this year and MNWD is wrong to go the other way.

Eliminate the district paid insurance to directors as this is excessive and not a common benefit for board members. 

Eliminate any trips outside of California and reduce the frequency of conferences and junkets to luxury resorts.

MNWD needs to pay its bills and keep its contractual promises.  We can save big money by getting rid of all of the lawyers and lobbyists who are fighting and suing other water districts.

The district raises rates because they have insufficient funds, but they feel a need to build a new $32 million edifice in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

Invest in additional sources of water to prepare for our future. The Doheny desalination plant is rated the highest in the County, yet to date MNWD directors want nothing to do with it. 

Focus on the core responsibilities of the district and don’t be tempted by all of the shiny distractions and empire building.