Acquire More Sources of Water

August 29, 2018


I hiked to the summit of Mt. San Jacinto today at 10,833’. It was a 13 mile walk through pristine forests and streams. As I watched the water flow in the streams, I was reminded that most of the water available to the customers of MNWD comes from the Colorado River, courtesy of the Colorado River Aqueduct. This water flows though the desert to the base of this same Mt. San Jacinto that I was standing upon. The visionaries who built the aqueduct drilled a tunnel through the mountain to deliver the water to Orange County. The water is then distributed to our residents after treatment at the Robert B. Diemer Treatment Plant, which is located in Yorba Linda.

Our challenge is that this is our primary source of water supply. Should an earthquake break the aqueduct, we would be restricted to the water that is in the local reservoirs. This is not insubstantial, but it is limited. We need more water to augment limited supplies from the Colorado River. This is why MNWD needs to join the partnerships seeking out additional sources of supply including desalination and other options. This type of planning is not always easy, nor cheap, but as the builders of the Colorado River Aqueduct envisioned, it was, and is essential to the future of life in Orange County.