Focus on the Core Duties!

September 12, 2018


It’s been a week since the water started leaking under the street in Marina Hills. It was reported to the Moulton Niguel Water District, and a sign was posted and the construction markings were sprayed on the ground. But now, after a week, the only word that we receive from our management company is: ‘I just spoke to the water district and they don't have a tentative start date yet. However, they took down my name and number and will let me know when they have a date!’.

Subterranean water leaking is dangerous and can undermine the integrity of a slope. This could lead to catastrophic geologic failures which may cause houses to lose their foundation and slide down the hillside. We’ve seen this before in Laguna Niguel. Where is MNWD? Why the delay?

Perhaps the good staff is being misdirected by the Board. The Board has had the staff traveling to Washington DC and other parts unknown giving speeches about the outstanding nature of the district, and still trying to build an industrial building in the middle of a residential neighborhood. 

Perhaps the Directors should provide strategic direction and work on the core responsibilities of the district including delivery of water in pipes, not puddles. 

The Board is out of touch and needs to be replaced by a more focused Board who should direct the staff towards core competencies, as opposed to seeking accolades and attending conferences.