The Cost of Water~

September 24, 2018


A friend of mine commented that water in Laguna Niguel seems much more expensive than where he had previously lived. The Directors of the Moulton Niguel Water District frequently state that the District’s rates are the ‘lowest in South County.’ The veracity of this claim depends on how one defines the cost of water.

To see what you really pay for water and sewage removal you must add the costs that you see on your water bill to all of the fees and taxes hidden on your property tax bill. MNWD’s monthly bill appears low, but it is supplemented by this huge hit on your property tax bill. This annual property tax charge is over $510 per user connection. By comparison MNWD taxes its customers 5 times more than San Juan Capistrano, and 3.5 times more than Santa Margarita Water District does. When added together we see a very high cost for our water and sewage services. 

Vote for true transparency. Vote for Joel Bishop.